SimidunEUR Sisal Seil für Katzen, Natur Sisalseil für Kratzbaum Katzenbaum extra robust und langlebig,Sisalseil,ø 5 mm/Länge 75 M


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Price: 35,92 €
(as of Feb 17,2022 02:38:19 UTC – Details)

FONCTION 1: Cat scratching post. Great replacement to repair the old worn out rope on the cat scratcher, make it like a new ones, save you form having to buy a new one.
FONCTION 2: Garden Decking.Use your imagination to replace modern furniture with a natural look.
FONCTION 3: Children’s play areas Construction. Work with children to create beautiful paradise and memories.
FONCTION 4: Trailing Flowers/Fruit. Help your plants to survive the cold winter and thunderstorm and windy weather.
FONCTION 5: Sizal rope is often used in crafts and furniture making.