SimidunEUR Papier Sisalstamm mit 6 mm geöltes Seil, Ersatzstamm für Kratzbaum,Faden(10 mm),ø 8.8 cm/Länge 40 cm


Price: 27,33 €
(as of Dec 17,2021 03:02:22 UTC – Details)

ATTENTION: We have 8mm thread and 10mm thread. Please confirm the thread size before purchasing.
PROTECTION: Great for protecting your furniture, wallpaper, carpets against the natural scratching behaviour of your cat.
HEALTHY: Allows your cute cat to train his/her paws to maintain his/her own health and cheerfulness.
Win-Win:Keeps cats away from furniture, curtains, wallpaper etc. You will never spend time educating your cat because he/she scratches your expensive or beloved furniture.
QUALITY: Natural hard wearing paper material.The two ends are made of the best stable PVC plastic, has a moulded thread making it durable and very stable.